I support Move to Amend, will you join me? - Thom Hartmann

December 16, 2017
Thom Hartmann

Hi, I'm Thom Hartmann. I am an author and progressive political commentator. Many of  you know me from my books, commentary, and my nationally syndicated radio show, the 
Thom Hartmann Program

I'm also a long time supporter of Move to Amend! 

I’ve found around this time of the season, it’s not unusual for folks to be looking forward to the New Year. Considering the state of our union and the neoliberal/conservative policies fueling the corporate takeover of our democracy that I report on daily, it isn’t surprising that many Americans hope the New Year will bring relief. 

I find myself almost wishing time would stand still, except that burying our collective heads in the sand is what led this nation to this point in the first place. And despite what seems like an endless stream of bad news, I remain hopeful about the future because of groups like Move to Amend.

As a long time trumpeter and financial supporter of Move to Amend, please join with me in supporting this work.

From my position as an independent journalist, I see really great grassroots organizing popping up all over the country on a consistent and ongoing basis:

  • Indigenous communities coming together to save their land and way of life,
  • Farmworkers and migrants coming together for basic human rights,
  • African Americans coming together to demand fairness in the judicial system,
  • Young and old alike standing up for the rights of nature, and
  • Small “d” democrats banding together under the Move to Amend banner to pass the We the People Amendment, and winning in both red and blue voting districts,
  • People of all races, religions, genders, and ages coming together to stand in solidarity against hatred and the Trump regime.

It’s the good news that mainstream media avoids, and replaces with news stories that will distract us and divide us further. 

Move to Amend is the one group confronting corporate personhood head on and winning. Please join with me in supporting this workMove to Amend needs to raise $175,000 to end 2017 in the black - please join me in supporting this important people's movement.

No one is doing the work Move to Amend does. They're building a multi-cultural, multi-generational movement through community education, barnstorming tours, internal movement education, passing ballot initiatives and resolutions in support of the We the People Amendment, alliance and coalition building, and identifying candidates through the Pledge to Amend campaign who support their amendment.

Move to Amend leaders are learning how to be good allies to oppressed communities through our movement education program -- a requirement for effective organizing -- especially in the hate-filled climate let loose by Trump’s regime. Their volunteer organizers are incredibly effective thanks to their commitment, talents, and the resources available to them through our website, database, and staff.

Move to Amend is on the frontlines of building a broad, deep, and diverse democracy movement, which we urgently need to take shape in the New Year. Please join with me in supporting this work.

Move to Amend’s analysis is spot on. Our problem is a structural one and requires a structural fix. Chipping away at the edges of corporate political spending is not going to change the hundreds of ways corporations are allowed by law to overrule human and community self-determination.

Many groups talking about “corporate personhood” are only working on the money in politics angle. History teaches us that’s nowhere near enough. The campaign finance system was already broken before Citizens United, so reversing the decision won’t actually fix the problem. The problem is corporations with First, Fourth, Fifth, and 14th Amendment rights, coupled with limited liability and other benefits. We must end corporate constitutional rights once and for all. Perhaps then the two major parties will offer up candidates people actually want to vote for, instead of perpetually voting out of fear.

For seven years, I’ve supported Move to Amend and I intend to keep it up. It’s one of the best investments in democracy I’ve ever made. Please join with me in supporting this critical work.

As we brace for the year ahead, Move to Amend is a light in these dark times. By engaging and empowering the real sovereigns of this nation—We the People—Move to Amend is providing a path forward which will ultimately deliver the promise of American democracy. 

Trump or real transformative democracy? It’s a no-brainer. Please contribute to Move to Amend today!

Yours in the movement to amend,

Thom Hartmann

P.S. Move to Amend needs to raise $175,000 in order to get off to a good start in 2018. Each year I help them raise nearly 1/3 of their annual budget in the final month of the year, and this year is no exception. If they don't make their goal it would be a real tragedy and setback for the democracy movement -- please join me in donating to Move to Amend today!