Interview with a Corporate Person Skit

Skit by Jan Edwards. Download script below (Word Doc).

Six or more actors.

Characters are:

The Reporter (interviewer from a magazine), who wears an old-fashioned journalist’s fedora with a press card tucked into the brim and carries a shoulder satchel clearly labeled “Fifth Estate Magazine,” which holds a notepad and perhaps a tape recorder.

The Corporate Person, a group of people bundled together (perhaps wrapped in red tape or in a costume of a corporate charter with holes cut for the faces of the actors to show) in a way that they do NOT look like a real person. They can be wearing masks (with the mouth free) and be covered with ads, stock market quotes, paper money, etc. Props that various people comprising the Corporate Person could carry and wear include business suits, golf clubs, cigars, cell phones, etc.

Two are non-speaking parts, one wearing a sign saying “We the People” and the other saying “Democracy.”

The location is a corporate office or boardroom. The Reporter carries a notepad that can contain the script so no lines need to be memorized. The Corporate Person can read from scripts as well; these could be in folders that are marked “Stock Portfolio”, “World Bank Report”, or something similar.

All of the actors in the Corporate Person bundle can speak and alternate lines, or not.

Signage could include the Mr. Moneybags character from the game Monopoly (such as the “Get Out of Jail Free” card). A good sound person would help this skit.

Throughout skit, music can be used to punctuate. Music and commercial jingles would be fun recordings to have, but not necessary. Cut for length by cutting out questions and their answers.

Feel free to improvise. This could also be a radio script.