Jefferson County Resolution Discussed Supporting Amendment

June 11, 2013
Lydia Statz, Union staff writer

"...Jefferson County Board of Supervisors heard a resolution to support a Constitutional resolution affirming that only human beings are endowed with Constitutional rights and money is not speech.

The so-called “Move to Amend” resolution was proposed by Supervisors Jim Schroeder, Steve Nass, Greg David, Carlton Zentner and Dick Schultz, and follows passage of similar resolutions in Fort Atkinson and Whitewater in April.

Both cities passed measures to support a constitutional amendment nullifying the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling of 2010 by wide margins. The Citizens United ruling prohibits the government from restricting political donations by corporations or other lobbying groups.

Four area residents rose during the public comment portion of Tuesday’s meeting to speak in favor of a county resolution, including Dan Fary, founder of the Move to Amend Rock River Affiliate.

“We believe that the pressure will convince our congressmen- and women to ac, rather than to risk the convening of a Constitutional Convention by citizens,” said Fary. “I, along with my Rock River affiliate members, wish to sincerely commend the board, and particularly the co-sponsors and sponsor, for taking up such an important issue — the issue that we feel is the more important issue in this country at this time.

“It’s probably one of the most important things you’ll ever deal with,” Fary added. “We strongly urge you to vote affirmly when the issue comes back to the board for a vote.”

The resolution was sent to the county’s Administration and Rules Committee, and might come back to the full board at a later date."

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