KC MTA in the Brookside St. Patrick's Parade

March 5, 2012

MTA activitists walked & sang out against Corporate Personhood in the St. Patrick's Parade on Saturday, March 10, 2012!

Assembly Time: 1:15pm to 1:30pm
Assembly Location: Arbor Villa Park at E. 66th Terrace & Main Street  MAP
(Our placement is 88th of 120 entries.)

It is okay to park on any side street.
Contact Doug 816-206-1165 if you get lost :)

Click our Facebook Event Page:  HERE

Parade Rules:
1. Absolutely no alcohol in the parade.
2. This is a fun, family event. All entries should reflect this.
3. No throwing of candy or other items from cars or floats. People may walk
along with your vehicle and hand out candy directly to those viewing the
4. Stay off private property during the line-up and during the parade.
5. No getting on or off of vehicles or floats while the parade is in progress.
6. No unsupervised youth.
7. No skateboards or roller blades.
8. No individual carrying of signs. Group banner only.
Any violations of the above rules will result in ejection from the parade. KC-MTA want to make this an annual tradition, so we will strictly abide by their rules.  :-)


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