Lake County "Democracy Day" is September 22

September 21, 2015

A message from Dave Lima from Mentor Move to Amend. Their efforts to pass a MTA initiative there -- calling for a constitutional amendment AND the creation of a "Democracy Day" has (in the latter case) spread to Lake County. Congrats to Mentor MTA!

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It's official. The Lake County Commissioners passed a resolution at their meeting today [Sept 15.] declaring that Tuesday. Sept. 22 as Lake County Democracy Day.

The public forum will follow the regular commissioner's meeting scheduled for 6:30 PM on that day in the Lake County Administration Building, 105 Main St., Painesville, Ohio. All citizens will be permitted to give oral testimony for a period of 3 minutes per citizen. Please plan to arrive no later than 6:15 PM in order to locate the meeting and secure seating. It appears that people will be recognized by raising their hand to speak. The meeting will be held either in the Assembly Room in the basement or in the Commissioner's chambers on the 4th floor. We will have someone at the back entrance (parking lot entrance) to give directions to those arriving.

The topic should examine the impact of political contributions on the government/political system.
Get the word out and encourage as many of your family, friends and neighbors to attend and to prepare a 3 minute testimony.

David R. Lima
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