LakeCoMoveToAmend Submits Petitions to County Registrar of Voters

May 23, 2012

On Tuesday 5/22, Lake County's Move To Amend affiliates completed their petition drive for a Lake County, Citizens Advisory Measure.  The all volunteer effort gathered 23% more signatures than the minimum to qualify the ballot however many of these may be invalidated,  None the less, it was a very good showing, given that they had only 75 days to get it done.  The law allows up to 180 days, but the group got a late start, having affiliated with MoveToAmend only a couple months earlier.

Lake County now awaits a final tally which could take up to 30 days.  Whether the petition qualifies or not, there will be a presentation to the Board of Supervisors which will be a great opportunity to further educate the public and spread support for the amendment.  Stay tuned for the date and time of that meeting, there should be as many “persons” in the audience as possible, supporting the Measure being placed on the November Ballot.



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