June 19, 2018

Please come to our house for a “We the People” picnic Tuesday, June 19.

Over burgers, brats, salads, etc we would like to tell you about Move to Amend, a national organization with branches in most states and several local affiliates in Minnesota, including our Lakes Area.

We are concerned that elections and governmental decisions have become a contest of mounds of money, and not of ideas and values. You are invited you to celebrate progress toward adding a “We the People” amendment to the US Constitution. It says that people, not corporations, have constitutional rights and that money is not speech. Money distorts democracy by volume and frequency of expression.

Fifty-six members of Congress have co-sponsored the amendment. We have reason to see it introduced in the Senate soon!

Come at five o’clock to socialize. Supper about six. Our address is 14054 Hardy Lake Road, Pillager.

It would be a favor if you would leave a message on 218-855-1295 telling us you are coming. Feel free to invite others to join you.

Looking forward to your coming to our house.

Cordially and hopefully !

Roger Grussing
Virgie Bundy

PS: Move to Amend is a non-partisan movement open to GOP, DFL and INDs. MTA’s goal is to enhance American democracy as a human decision making experience