Last Message of 2017. Help Us Start 2018 Off Strong.

December 31, 2017

The past twelve months have been tumultuous times for many U.S. communities.

Old struggles continued and new struggles arose while corporations, and the 1% who control them, remained upwardly mobile in the boardrooms of Wall Street, the seats of state and federal government, and the halls of the judiciary. And then of course there's Trump.

Some really good stuff happened, too. These struggles are lifting up humanity and a new breed of activists and organizers working to create systemic change by breaking down barriers across issues and diverse communities. Move to Amend is proud to be working on this front of grassroots organizing and expects that 2018 will be fruitful in developing alliances.

Help break down the barriers that separate us from each other, so immediate needs can be met and an enduring movement for democracy can materialize. We're still in a 2017 budget short fall -- we have only hours to make our goal, please make a donation now to ensure the Movement to Amend is well positioned in 2018.

These achievements were the result of massive grassroots organizing, proving that when we unite across issues and communities, we become very powerful. Each win represents one step towards the democracy we were promised as school children. They were hard fought, hard won, and worth celebrating.

Sadly, they weren’t leaps forward.

For decades we’ve been lurching from one issue to the next, responding with short-term solutions, with no long-term strategy. Move to Amend fills the gap. And for years we’ve been running smack into the wall of corporate rule. Passing the We the People Amendment will remove that barrier. 

We're coming up short! Please make a donation to Move to Amend right now, it will only take a moment. Remember, a generous donor offered to match all donations from now until midnight. Help us take advantage of this generous offer by donating now.

What issue drives you to action?

War, catastrophic climate change, nuclear proliferation, economic injustice, poverty, school to prison pipeline, education, food sovereignty, healthcare access, water, energy, land use, justice reform…

Whatever it is, the barrier stopping you from resolving it is corporate power.

We’re not encouraging you to drop everything and only support Move to Amend. Quite the opposite; suffering requires immediate solutions, and we thank the individuals and organizations working to relieve it.

We are encouraging you to support Move to Amend as well, because we are the one grassroots volunteer organization working at the root of all these problems: ending corporate personhood and money as speech.

Please make one last donation this year -- we won't make our goal unless everyone digs as deep as you can...

At the New Year, our minds turn to making resolutions, but at Move to Amend we’re consumed by resolutions year round.

  • Over 700 resolutions and ballot initiatives passed so far.
  • Over 422,000 people have shown their resolve by signing the Motion to Amend petition.
  • House Joint Resolution 48, the We the People Amendment, gained 52 co-sponsors this year.

We’ll keep going until we win the We the People Amendment!

There are lots of good organizations doing good work that deserve your financial support. We believe that Move to Amend’s long-term strategy to remove the barrier of corporate rule by passing the We the People Amendment meets that bar.

We continue our forward momentum. Don’t let lack of funding stop us from reaching our goals in the year ahead. Please contribute today and help us close our 2017 funding gap.

Wishing you a joyful year ahead,

Daniel Lee, Tara Ingram, George Friday, Leila Roberts, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Laura Bonham
Move to Amend National Leadership Team

P.S. Thank you for your patience with all the emails we sent over the last week. Usually Move to Amend isn't like other groups that bombard you with emails every day (or multiple times a day). We only do an email push like this in the last weeks of the year, when we need to raise 1/3 of our budget. 

This is the last message you'll get from us in 2017, please make a donation and then celebrate (or tuck in) for the night, knowing you've done your part to position Move to Amend to accomplish our goals in 2018.