Leadership Summit Fundraising

April 7, 2018

This is Kaitlin, National Director at Move to Amend. I want to tell you about a historical event happening this June. Click the video link below, or read on...

We will be holding our second National Leadership Summit where we will bring together our grassroots volunteers from all over the United States to converge on Washington DC for a three day conference and Lobby Day on Capitol Hill. 


We need your help making this event a success. We’re asking everyone to pitch in to help underwrite and sponsor the Summit. Our volunteer leaders are everyday people, just like you. They’ve been putting their personal time and finances toward Move to Amend to make the We the People Amendment a reality. Please help us support their work by chipping in to make the event affordable and so that we can get as many of our movement leaders as possible to Washington D.C.

I’d also like to invite anyone who is ready to get involved with Move to Amend to attend the Summit -- we would love to have you join us! 

If you cannot be with us in person, we will be partnering with Free Speech TV to live stream key sessions of the event, and we will have a national week of targeted action towards Congress the week before, so you can help us be sure that ending corporate constitutional rights and getting big money out of politics by passing the We the People Amendment is front and center on their radar.

Move to Amend doesn’t have a Super PAC to fund us. We don’t get money from corporations, and we rarely get money from foundations. We have a small staff team, not high paid executives or consultants. We’re funded by everyday Americans who are ready for systemic change through a Constitutional amendment to secure real democracy. We can’t build the Movement to Amend without grassroots donations from people like you.

We have numerous ways to thank you for your contribution and to help you be part of this historic moment if you can’t come to DC yourself in June. Please make a donation to this campaign today.

Thank you so much for being part of the Movement to Amend!
Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
National Director

PS -- We have some really awesome thank you presents for folks who participate in this campaign. Please be a part of this historic event!