Legalize Democracy Film Showing in Shaker Heights

April 16, 2014

Free Film Showing
Wednesday, April 16 / 7:00 pm
Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Building
3450 Lee Road, Shaker Heights

Legalize Democracy examines the history of the relationship between corporate power, oppression and people’s social movements in the quest for real democracy in the US.

The 28-minute documentary utilizes interviews and historical legal and constitutional evidence to document how people of all genders, nationalities and races have strived for democracy and how corporations and the wealthy few have won never intended rights and power to rule – at the expense of our civil liberties, communities and environment.

The film is produced by Move to Amend (, the national coalition seeking a US Constitutional Amendment to increase democracy by establishing that only human beings, not corporations, possess inalienable constitutional rights and that political money is not equivalent to political speech. More than 500 communities across the nation have passed either resolutions or initiatives in support of the Move to Amend amendment.

Q&A and discussion to follow…including restarting the Shaker Hts. Move to Amend group

Sponsored by the Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

More information, KATHY HAZELTON at 216-381-9350 or AFSC at 330-928-2301