LETTER: Support resolution to end Citizens United

February 24, 2018
Pamela Coughlin Hall

Dear editor,

I want to congratulate Rep. Rick Nolan from our 8th Congressional District in Minnesota for his courage and dedication to democracy.

Rep. Nolan has sponsored a resolution that would amend the Constitution. This amendment would unwind the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United that essentially said money is speech. Because of Citizens United, the more money you have, the more speech you are entitled to. This is wrong!

Money is not speech, but we have gotten to the point where our individual voices are drowned out by wealthy contributors to campaigns. This needs to change. Rep. Nolan has taken a step to help this happen. We as individual citizens need to support him and stand up for our democracy. Additionally, corporations are not people and should not have the same rights as people. Our Constitution and democracy is in jeopardy.

Read a summary of the resolution at congress.gov. Search "Summary: H.J.Res.48 — 115th Congress (2017-2018)."

To change the Constitution is a big endeavor. It requires a mass movement of citizens becoming involved. Two-thirds of the states must agree with the Legislature and the president. This is not a Democratic or Republican idea. This is our democracy, our Constitution, our country, for the people and by the people.

Currently, 16 state legislatures have passed resolutions to support this amendment. Minnesota is not one of them. Minnesotans love this country and I believe they want to protect our Constitution. Our local legislators, Tony Lourey and Mike Sundin, do support this option.

"Move to Amend" is a grassroots organization to get money out of politics and to change the status of corporations. There is much more information on their website, which I encourage all to learn about to decide for themselves whether this is a good idea.

Jan. 21 is the eighth anniversary of the Citizens United decision. There is way too much money in elections and we need to change this.

Pamela Coughlin Hall

Moose Lake


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