Lincoln City Council: Money is not speech

August 15, 2012
Nancy Hicks

First it was the Occupy Lincoln participants urging the City Council to get on the bandwagon for a U.S. constitutional amendment that would allow government to have some control over campaign donations and spending.

Code words were: “Corporations aren’t people. Money isn’t speech.”

This week, a leader of a national coalition, Move to Amend, brought a similar message to the council.

Sitting quietly in the audience Monday was Jack Gould, a volunteer with Nebraska Common Cause.

Gould understands the local and state political process.

Gould did not speak. But he has been working quietly behind the scenes with a mayor who ardently supported campaign finance reform as a state senator and council members who, because of their progressive philosophies, might believe the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision, also called the Citizens United decision, went too far.

So far, more than 170 city or county governments across the country have expressed support for a constitutional amendment.

The Lincoln City Council has been hesitant in the past to weigh in on state or national issues. But I wouldn’t be shocked to see something on a future council agenda suggesting Lincoln should join that group.

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