The Link

The Link is a small community of bloggers and activists who push for progressive social and legislative change from our home base in very conservative Prescott, Arizona. It began with weekly protest meetings called “Link-Ups” downtown in which folks were invited to speak on any topic of concern to them, and the entire group would then chime in with follow-up thoughts. But now The Link exists more in the form of a Facebook community page where stories on a wide range of topics are posted and discussed. We have only been in existence since December 9, 2014, but our following has been growing.

We are in full solidarity with the cause of Move To Amend, and specifically the local affiliate here in Northern Arizona headed by Loring Cannon. We only just met Loring & Company, but have already been able to offer training and assistance in how to get the word out on Facebook and via other means so that the public can be made more aware of the issue of corporate personhood, and the vast imbalance of wealth and political power that exists today.

We would be honored to be considered an endorsing organization of Move To Amend.

Prescott , AZ
Supporting Endorsement