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From Nevada to New York to around the planet, Nicholas Wooldridge has left his mark on the legal profession as he’s helped guide and counsel individuals through some of the most trying times of their lives.

Mr. Wooldridge endorses and supports the "Move to Amend" effort and is appareciative of the opportunity to state his position as supporting the 'Move to Amend' group and organization. Money is not speech and corporations are not people. The buying and selling of politicians by companies and lobbyists has twisted the basic freedoms into something the nation's founding fathers would find unrecognizable. It's time, no, it's past time, to return America to the American voter.

Born and raised in Nevada, Mr. Wooldridge graduated law school and moved to New York City where he worked side-by-side with Arkady Bukh in some of the more infamous cyberhacking crimes of the last decade.

His tenure in New York was capped by being co-counsel for individuals linked to the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing.

Repeatedly, Mr. Wooldridge has been able to successfully defend his clients by getting charges dismissed as well as a significant reduction in sentences.

As comfortable at the corner restaurant as he is in the office suites of Fifth Avenue, Mr. Wooldridge treats all of his clients with dignity and compassion. Fully cognizant that sometimes good people make mistakes, Mr. Wooldridge is also aware that America’s law enforcement can be overzealous in their outreach. Mr. Wooldridge has clients in both categories and has seen clients' reactions when their convictions were overturned, and charges dropped.

Mr. Wooldridge is a prominent member of the Top 40 Under 40. The elite foundation, sponsored by National Trial Lawyer Affiliation, is only accessible through invitation. The rigid admission standards ensure that only lawyers practicing exceptional criminal defense law are admitting.

Mr. Wooldridge:

Is a graduate of Boyd School of Law — with Honors
Was mentored by Lawrence Wishart
Has established, and demonstrated, skill in global circles and cases
Served as co-counsel for Azamat Tazhayakov, linked to the Boston Marathon bombings

Mr. Wooldridge has consistently confirmed his exemplary qualifications, trial results and leadership within his practice areas which include:

Sex Crimes
Drug Crimes
Violent Crimes
Federal Charges
Felony Charges, and
White Collar Crime

Continuously rated as Nevada’s premier criminal defense attorney, Mr. Wooldridge is most content with the recommendations his clients.

Las Vegas , NV
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