March 28 Annual Gathering Agenda, Invitations & Requests

March 12, 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015 / 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
First Unitarian Universalist Church, 93 W. Weisheimer Road, Columbus, OH 43214
Special Guest: Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Move to Amend National Director

RSVP your attendance to ohio [at]

√ Hear about and discuss national MTA plans and activities
√ Be inspired by Move to Amend happenings across the state
√ Learn how to organize MTA events in your community
√ Attend break-out sessions on MTA-related issues and organizing skills
√ Help decide direction of our statewide network going forward
√ Participate in discussion on organizing an Ohio ballot initiative by 2020
calling to end corporate personhood and money as speech!

Below is the Agenda, 2 Invitations and 2 Requests



9:00 am: Meet ‘n greet (coffee and tea)
10:00 am: Welcome, Announcements, SWOT analysis handout, Coordinating Committee intros
(Sandy Bolzenius & Doug Todd, Central Ohio MTA)
10:10 am:  Ohio MTA Network annual report (Greg Coleridge, Ohio MTA Network Coordinating Committee)
10:25 am: Partner/Affiliate self-introductions
10:40 am: National MTA report, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, MTA National Director
11:45 am: Move to Amend Interfaith Caucus report

LUNCH: 12:00 pm

1:00 pm: Breakout session A
* Welcome to Move to Amend -- What Are We Doing and Why? (A forum for new members) / Facilitators: Carla Rautenberg, Cleveland Hts. MTA & Madelon Watts, S. Euclid MTA
* Ballot Initiatives and Resolutions (How do they differ and how to organize these in your community) / Facilitator: Frank Hribar, Mentor MTA
* NationBuilder (entering data) and possibly posting on MTA website. Facilitator (Tentative): Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, MTA National Director

BREAK: 1:40 pm

1:45 pm: Breakout session B
* Outreach to college campuses / Facilitators: Frank Hribar and Dave Lima, Mentor MTA
* Media: how to get the word out and develop relationships with the local press / Facilitators: Sandy Bolzenius and Lynn Friedman, Central Ohio MTA
* What next in Ohio? (Connecting and developing relationships with government officials, representatives & Pledge to Amend / Moderator: Doug Todd, Central Ohio MTA; Presenters: Debbie Silverstein, SPAN Ohio & Catherine Turcer, Ohio Common Cause
BREAK: 2:25 pm
2:35 pm: Proposals from affiliates/partners/Coordinating Committee and decisions
(to include proposal from the Coordinating Committee for a statewide MTA Ballot initiative by 2020) (Greg Coleridge, Ohio MTA Network Coordinating Committee & Carla Rautenberg, Cleveland Hts. MTA)

3:50 pm: Results of SWOT analysis survey / Decisions (Debbie Silverstein, Ohio MTA Coordinating Committee/SPAN Ohio)
CLOSE: 4:00 pm



1.Please consider attending and bringing others from your group. Please RSVP so we know how many people to prepare for. RSVP to ohio [at] Carpooling is available from all corners of the state. Email ohio [at] to be connected.

2.You/your group are/is invited to submit a proposal for consideration during the 2:35 pm Proposal session. This will be the "business" portion of the gathering. Proposals may be INTERNAL (i.e. how should our Network be structured) or EXTERNAL (i.e. what projects, activities, events, etc. should our Network work on). Please send a copy of your proposal (preferably no more than 1 page) no later than Thursday, March 26 to gcoleridge [at] so we can make copies and know how best to organize the session.



1.There is a $5 requested donation — to cover costs of use of the church and incidentals.

2.You may bring your own lunch or order a boxed lunch.
Freedom a la Cart is a local catering business in Columbus, Ohio who offers seasonally fresh ingredients and incredibly delicious food! Additionally, Freedom a la Cart is run by formerly trafficked persons. (See for more information on this amazing organization.)
If interested in a lunch box, please place your order from the lists below. As noted on the website (, these “lunches come with a chef’s choice side, a salty snack and a sweet treat” for a cost of $12 per box. (Part of this cost will cover the delivery, drinks, and other snacks). Please email your selection to Sandy Bolzenius in an email (sbolzenius72 [at] by Friday, March 20. You can pay by...
a) mailing a check to Sandy at, 76 W. Blake Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43202 or
b) giving a check or cash to Sandy at the conference – or later by mail if at the last minute you are unable to attend.

Freedom ala Cart’s Signature Boxed Lunch Menu:
hand-carved turkey breast, chimichurri, roasted red pepper sauce, mayo, crisp lettuce
roasted chicken breast, mango compote, gorgonzola, sage mayo, crisp lettuce
hand-carved ham, artichoke pate, housemade olive salad
arugula, artichoke pate, polenta patty, roasted red pepper sauce
roasted red peppers, goat cheese spread, arugula
classic homemade chicken salad made with free-range chicken
Life Salad
chef’s choice of the freshest ingredients, dressing on the side

Freedom ala Cart’s Traditional Boxed Lunch Menu:
Turkey & Swiss
turkey and swiss cheese, crisp lettuce, mayo on the side
Ham & Provolone
ham, provolone cheese, crisp lettuce
Roasted Beef & Cheddar
roasted beef, aged cheddar cheese, horseradish sauce, crisp lettuce
Bacon Caesar Wrap
romaine lettuce, oven roasted chicken, crisp bacon, caesar dressing
Hummus & Roasted Vegetable Wrap
season vegetables and housemade hummus

Thank you!