March 7th Event: Big Money in Our Political System and Its Effect on Business

March 5, 2014

Join Move To Amend for a Discussion with Lori Compas, Senator Dale Schultz and Concerned Citizens
When:  7:00 PM, Friday, March 7
Where:  L.D. Fargo Library, 120 E Madison St., Lake Mills

Lori Compas, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Business Alliance (WBA):

All too often, small businesses are “represented” by corporate lobbyists who claim to speak for us but who are really pushing their own Big Business agenda. 
"Money in politics is a big problem for small business. Our [Wisconsin Business Alliance] members want to compete in a free and fair market, yet they've seen that the market can become distorted by political spending.  We say it's time to let Wisconsin voters decide whether unlimited spending should continue to influence our elections." 

Senator Dale Schultz:

Tired of Big Money in politics?  So is Wisconsin State Senator Dale Schultz.  Schultz is considered a moderate Republican senator who is known for being a consensus-maker and for standing up for what he believes.  Senator Schultz will share his experiences in politics since the Citizens United decision. He will also be discussing redistricting and how gerrymandering has undermined the people.

"We are awash in money because of (the U.S. Supreme Court decision in) Citizens United, and it puts good people in both parties in a difficult situation." 

“The business of politics is changed, and I firmly believe that we are beginning in this country to look like a Russian-style oligarchy where a couple of dozen billionaires have basically bought the government. And you know what? I always thought the job of a representative in government was to represent the people... As long as [Citizens United] stands, we’ll see more money come into politics. We’ll come to see less discussion of the issues and more of the ads that everyone hates but still seems to have an impact.”

Directions to the L.D. Fargo Library:
County Road G or Wisconsin-89 is Main Street.  Turn east from Main Street onto Madison Avenue.  F.D. Fargo Public Library is one-half block down, and on the north side of Madison Avenue, opposite the Commons Park.

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Move To Amend and the "Money Out-Voters In" Coalition of Wisconsin are seeking a statewide referendum in Wisconsin and ultimately an amendment to the US Constitution to provide the people with a voice.

On April 1st, there will be votes on the Move To Amend language supporting an these Wisconsin communities:

Belleville, Wauwatosa, Edgerton, Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Waterloo, Waukesha, Waunakee, De Forest, Lake Mills, Elkhorn, Delavan, and Windsor


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