March in Rodeo Parade with us!

June 30, 2018

It's that time of year again...time for the Frontier Days Rodeo Parade in Prescott!

We are entry #102, set to stage on Pleasant Street between Gurley and Willis.  Arrive by 9:00, but shoot for 8:15 or so to give yourself plenty of time to park and walk to the staging area. 

Be sure to wear a hat and sunblock, and bring a LOT of water. 

CONTACTS:  A==>Michael Adcock, 229-921-3049 (mobile),  B==>Marshal Waller, 928-713-7285 (mobile)........Contact us anytime leading up to parade, or even during the parade. 

We have plenty of picket signs saying "Elections Not Auctions" and a banner to carry (see photos below), but feel free to bring your own sign with a similar theme.