Mary Sue Gmeiner - Ohio MTA Coordinating Committee Candidate

March 30, 2016

When Mary Sue Gmeiner retired in January of 2014 she traded in the “business analyst” business card for one that said “Advocate for a just, peaceful, healthy planet.” She is affiliate coordinator for Greater Dayton Move to Amend, starting that affiliate with two other people in February of 2013. In that role, she reaches out to many groups, working to bring everyone to the democracy table.

Mary Sue has been supportive of Black Lives Matter Miami Valley, and has helped to start the Dayton Chapter of SURJ, Showing Up for Racial Justice. She participates in the Dayton Homicide Vigils and in protests against police violence and extra-judicial killings. Mary Sue has also been active in environmental issues for many years, and coordinates Creation Connection, the environmental justice ministry of Greater Dayton Christian Connections. She has spoken at the March against Monsanto rallies. In all of her work, she connects the dots between corporate power, corporate constitutional rights, and the absence of democracy in our country.