*MATCHING FUNDS* Donate Now To Double Your Impact

May 28, 2018

Five generous donors have agreed to match donations! For every dollar you donate to Move to Amend between now and the end of the month, these donors will match your donations up to $40,000. Donate now to make sure that your fund is matched!

We we need to raise $34,904 more by the end of the month to reach our goal. 

We are well on track to reaching the goals laid out in our strategic plan, but we need YOUR support to continue the movement.

We have a lot to accomplish: 

  • Host our second national Leadership Summit in Washington DC which will feature a “We the People lobby” day on Capitol Hill
  • Get 60 co-sponsors for the We the People Amendment in the U.S. House of Representatives
  • Get the We the People Amendment introduced in the U.S. Senate
  • Get 300 new candidates to commit to the Pledge to Amend this election year
  • Engage 600 more active volunteer leaders
  • Secure 600,000 signatures for the Motion to Amend by the end of 2018
  • Host at least 12 educational barnstorming tours through key states
  • Develop a Resist to Amend program to prepare our grassroots supporters for civil disobedience actions
  • Forge new strategic partnerships with social and environmental justice organizations in efforts to build solidarit


Please support the Movement to Amend the constitution, end corporate rule and get money out of politics. Our elected officials are in office to serve and protect, but it seems that the only ones they protect and serve are those with deep pockets. This is incredibly unjust and a direct assault on our right to democracy.

As a small organization, we rely on grassroots fundraising to survive. We are SO CLOSE to making up our budget shortfall, but we can't do it without your contribution, Garrett!

P.S. Donate now and double our impact! Maybe you've already given and are all tapped out? If you can give again to get your donation doubled, please do, but if you can't give any more then please, please send a message to your friends and colleagues asking them to join you in donating to Move to Amend!