May 10 Day of Action Against Corporate Personhood

April 25, 2013

Let us commemorate the 127th anniversary of the 1886 Supreme Court decision, Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific Railroad, which gave corporations personhood rights under the Constitution.

In the court case, corporate lawyers argued that corporations are protected under the 14th Amendment, which guaranteed the right of every "person" to due process and equal protection of the law. The 14th Amendment didn't specify whether it meant human persons or "fictional" persons. Corporations have been fictional persons under the law since the 12th century.

This year, on the 127th "birthday" of corporate personhood rights, Move to Amend - Ukiah activists will be taking action in concert with other Move to Amend activists around the nation.

In Ukiah, we will hold a banner over the Perkins Street freeway overpass for the northbound traffic to read during rush hour. The banner will say, "The Supreme Court was wrong. Money is not speech!"


We need a lot of people to help hold the banner. It is BIG! Let's meet up at 4pm in front of the CVS pharmacy 155 S. Orchard Avenue, and carry the banner to the freeway overpass at 4:30pm. Come in a reflective vest or orange shirt so we can be seen from far away. We will hold it for at least an hour, maybe more.

This year and last Move to Amend volunteers held protests on the anniversary of Citizens United. But as you know, Move to Amend is about going to the ROOT of the problem, not just that one SCOTUS case. Our "We the People Amendment" submitted to Congress of Rep. Rick Nolan (MN) will not only overturn Citizens United, it will get corporations out of the Constitution altogether, and make clear that money is not free speech. 



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