May 9 is We the People National Lobby Day!

April 12, 2016

This May marks the very unhappy 130th "anniversary" of the Supreme Court decision in Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad. The giant corporate oligarchs of the day successfully got the Court to construe the 14th Amendment to apply to corporations. The legal and political campaign they subsequently launched was successful in usurping the Constitutional rights that are supposed to be for and by the people. In a lot of ways 1886 was Ground Zero for our movement.

But 130 years is enough... and Move to Amend is leading the charge to fight back. May 9th we will be in Washington, D.C. lobbying for the We the People Amendment to the Constitution (HJR 48) to make clear that Constitutional Rights belong to human beings, not corporations, and that big money in elections is not free speech.

Even if you live far, far away from our nation's capital, you can be part of We the People Day. Join our webinar this Tuesday, April 12 for details on how you can participate from home...

  • Let's flood the phones on Capitol Hill so that our Representatives know that their constituents demand they support the We the People Amendment.
  • Organize a meeting at the District office of your House and/or Senate members -- you don't have to travel far to let them know how you feel.
  • Make a donation to support our grassroots leaders who will be in D.C. conducting meetings in person.
  • Connect with your closest Move to Amend affiliate group to help with followup meetings after We the People Day to keep the pressure on.

Move to Amend is a grassroots movement, rooted in the states, not a big, slick office in D.C. But after 130 years of corporate personhood, it is time to let our politicians in D.C. know they're not off the hook. Help us make it happen - join our webinar on Tuesday, April 12 for all the details!

Cases like Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific in 1886 and Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission in 2010 cannot be allowed to stand -- we need your support to power up the movement for democracy! Join our webinar on April 12 to get involved!