MayDay Celebration

April 5, 2014

For the third consecutive year, Minneapolis Area Move to Amend will have a table at MayDay. In The Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater's 39th annual event will be held on Sunday, May 4.  For many in Minnesota, the MayDay Parade is a time to celebrate the coming warmth with hand-built puppets and masks (some over 10 feet tall), music, and performance in the street. But the essence of the parade is rooted in the local community and contemporary issues, concerns, and visions for a better world.

This is a great opportunity to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon, in one of Minneapolis’s most beautiful parks (Powderhorn), talking to our fellow Minnesotans about why we Move to Amend.  Tabling starts around 3:00 PM and runs until around 7:00 PM.  Mr. Moneybags will certainly be there (he was made the HOBT), as perhaps his buddy, corporate person.  If you would like to table with us, let us know by contacting minneapolis [at]

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