Mayday SOS - The Future is Unclear...

May 1, 2018

This is an urgent request for your financial support to save Move to Amend.

Today is May Day. This is not just a traditional spring holiday or a historical celebration of working people and the labor movement. Mayday is also a signal of serious distress.

We're writing today to tell you the unfortunate news that Move to Amend faces a “MayDay” financial crisis!

We need to immediately raise $150,000. 

Please heed the MayDay call and donate right now.

Why is Move to Amend facing a financial emergency? There are several reasons -- some external, some internal.

  • The outcome of the 2016 elections demoralized some, but energized many others. That energy, however, has disproportionately gone into resisting immediate attacks and assaults on vulnerable people, programs and protections. These short-term reactions have diverted financial (and human) resources away from the long-term, fundamental change of increasing authentic political justice and equality by ending all corporate constitutional rights and money defined as free speech

We can't give up on the longterm vision of the 28th Amendment.Despite the dwindling funds we have made great progress in the past few years -- doubling our number of Congressional co-sponsors, growing our successes at the ballot box, and expanding the number of local groups around the country. But we can't keep it up without the funding -- please donate today.

  • There’s been growing numbers of individuals and groups who have co-opted, cherry-picked or watered down the fundamental need to abolish all corporate constitutional rights and money defined as free speech. Some are political candidates who use the Citizens United Supreme Court decision to raise campaign money or Political Action Committees (PACs) trying to fund candidates who will reduce money in elections if elected. Still others are groups simply working on reducing corruption by passing local laws, but totally ignoring constitutional change. Finally, there’s the effort to pass an undefined “28th Amendment” that’s only concerned with money in politics, not the many corporate constitutional rights that have overturned democratically passed laws that protect people and communities.

If Move to Amend goes away there will be NO national group fighting for a 28th Amendment that says corporations are not people and money is not speech. There are lots of other immitators that have deeper pockets than we do. They have used their money to confuse the issue and draw supporters away from our cause. If you care about ending corporate personhood, not just overturningCitizens United, we need you to pitch in now.

  • Most of our funding comes from our individual supporters, many who have not shared in the “roaring economic recovery” that is supposed to be all around us. None of our income is from corporations, political parties or large foundations since financial, as well as political, independence is one of our core principals. We accept the fact that this means we live and die by the support from our supporters like you.

You might not have a lot of money. Most of our supporters don't. But if we all contribute what we can, we collectively have the resources to make this organization run. The good news is that we are able to stretch a dollar better than any other national organization out there. Please support this critical work, and know that your money is going directly to the movement -- not consultants, not fancy offices, not high paid staff.

  • It is not unusual for organizations or businesses to experience a cash flow shortage when gearing up to move to the next level. Move to Amend has spent the last two years gearing up to swell our movement capacity over the coming years, leaving a gap between the money on hand and future contributions.

We need to cover that shortfall or this will be the end of the Movement to Amend. We try not to bombard you with funding appeals like most other organizations, but the fact of the matter is this: without the funds to finance our moment, there is no movement.Please donate so we can keep up the work. 

Thank you in advance for your support in what is about to be a precarious and stressful time. We need to raise $150,000 this month or face drastic cuts that we might not recover from. 

We promise we are ready to do everything in our power to keep Move to Amend going strong, but it would not be truthful if we didn't acknowledge that we are more concerned about our future than we have ever been before.

We can do this, but it is going to take hard work, cooperation, dedication, and everyone who cares about this cause chipping in.


Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Tara Ingram, Leila Roberts, George Friday, Daniel Lee, Laura Bonham
Move to Amend National Leadership Team


P.S. We have depended on you in the past. We’re depending on you now as we together rethink how we need to move forward to keep Move to Amend sustainable for the long haul to see our mission to pass the 28th Amendment through. We can't afford a world without Move to Amend. Please help us keep going by donating now and asking all your friends and family to join you.