McCutcheon Rapid Response

March 30, 2014

Central Texas Move to Amend will host a McCutcheon Rapid Response at the South Gate of the Texas Capitol from 5 to 7pm on the day the Supreme Court decision is handed down.The date listed for this event is an estimate as we don't know when it will be announced. This protest is one of over 100 such events nationwide. Everyone is invited to come out and hear local community leaders speak up about the issue of money in politics. The south gate is at the corner of Congress and 11th Street, a very busy intersection. Bring signs and noise making equipment so we can let the Austin folks know how we feel about the Supreme Court decision, which is expected to follow the pattern set by Citizens United. 

Please contact me for up to date info at rochelleday7293 [at] Also you can text "mccutcheon" to 313131 for a text when the ruling is announced. Or sign up on the facebook event page:



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