In the meantime, we need DISCLOSURE

August 8, 2018

As Move to Amend continues to work to pass the We the People Amendment, which includes two parts: corporations are NOT people and money is NOT speech, we are also part of a coalition working together to pass the new DISCLOSE Act. 


The new DISCLOSE Act has been introduced in Congress, and it's stronger than ever:

  • It requires secret money groups to report their funders
  • Includes robust follow-the-money rules to reveal contributors hiding behind front groups
  • Requires leaders of corporations, unions, and other groups to “stand by their ads"

The bill is gaining traction in Congress, and with support from Republican members, could help hold back the tide of corruption until the We the People Amendment passes.  

Please sign the DISCLOSE Act petition now! 

The DISCLOSE Act will help put a stop to millionaries and corporations running our "democracy" while Move to Amend passes the We the People Amendment. Help us get there!

P.S. We're not letting up one bit in the fight for the We the People Amendment, but in the meantime, before we win, the DISCLOSE Act would help make sure we at least know where the money is coming from. Sign the petition to tell your Congressmembers to support the DISCLOSE Act!