Memorial weekend Symphony Celebration fits naturally with KC-MTA -- Volunteers needed

May 27, 2012

Dozens of Volunteers are needed to collect signatures at the CELEBRATION AT THE STATION on Sunday, May 27.  The Kansas City Symphony will be performing at Union Station. Patriotic music-lovers start arriving hours in advance of the music, so that's when teams of volunteers in shifts will distribute information and invite KCMO residents to sign a petition. We'll provide each volunteer with petitions, a clipboard, KC-MTA t-shirt and water.

Shifts run from 3:00 to 4:30pm; 4:30 to 6:30pm; and 6:30 till the music starts. Call Anne at 816-308-8033 to get information about volunteering on May 27 or at another time. Or if you prefer to collect signatures individually, you can print the petition--and mail it in after you've collected some signatures. Instructions are on the petition.
Link to the Petition in English HERE
Link to the Petition in Spanish HERE

America’s original veterans fought in the American Revolution for independence not only from British rule, but also from the corporations of England that controlled trade and extracted wealth from the colonies.

For 100 years after the American Revolution, citizens & state legislators tightly controlled the corporate chartering process—limiting a corporate charter to a set time (typically 20 years); requiring a public purpose (e.g., building a bridge, canal, etc.); prohibiting corporate involvement in elections or lobbying; and terminating a corporation if it exceeded its charter or caused public harm. Read more about this aspect of American history HERE.

Our founders would never have given corporations the political power the US Supreme Court now grants them, especially in the 2010 ruling called Citizens United v. FEC. Citizens United freed corporations to spend unlimited money campaigning for or against candidates in elections.
Citizens United is based on two absurd notions which are NOT in the US Constitution and would NOT have been the intention of the founders: 1. A corporation is a person. 2. Money equals speech.

In response to this outrageous ruling, cities across America are passing resolutions in support of a constitutional amendment to overrule Citizens United. The city councils of Los Angeles and New York City have passed resolutions like the one we are petitioning the city council of Kansas City to pass.