Metro Denver Move to Amend at the Colorado Common Cause 2019 Policy Summit

February 9, 2019

Denver Metro / Colorado Move to Amend Chair Steve Justino was part of the panel entitled "Protecting Our Constitution and Our Voice: Paths to Overturning Citizens United".

The panel focused on the corrosive effect that dark money has on our elections - and the ways to get money out of politics while protecting our constitution. The discussion included the many efforts across the country, some claiming to work against money in politics, which are advocating for an Article V constitutional convention. The panelists shared their views on amending the constitution through both traditional path through Congress - and via the Article V convention route - and the merits and disadvantages of each. 

Steve was very clear about the need to get money out of politics - AND the need to eliminate corporate personhood, i.e., Corporations are Not People and Money is Not Speech, via Move to Amend's We The People Amendment, HJR-48. One without the other is - at best - only a partial solution.

Steve also opined that while not an ideal tool, the Article V convention path - or threat thereof - has been an effective leveraging tool for prodding Congress into taking action associated with a number of successful constitutional amendment efforts.    

The panelists - in addition to Steve - included:
Amanda Gonzalez, Executive Director, Colorado Common Cause 
Ben Gubits, Director of Political Strategy, American Promise
Steve Lipscomp, Fix It America
Moderator Jennifer Gremmert, Colorado Common Cause Board Member
Over 200 attended the day-long session - which featured eight break-out sessions, two principal speakers, and a keynote address by Colorado Governor Jared Polis.