Metro Denver Move to Amend Endorses Denver's "Democracy For The People" Initiative

August 13, 2018

Metro Denver Move to Amend enthusiastically endorses the "Democracy For the People" Initiative which will appear on the City and County of Denver's November 6 election ballot.

The measure introduces meaningful campaign finance reform for Denver municipal elections. The initiative was originally placed on the ballot by petition. The measure has since been tweaked slightly - by agreement between proponents and Denver City Council - to allow for a smoother transition period - and has now been placed on the ballot as a referred measure by unanimous vote of Denver City Council.

The measure seeks to rid politics and our elections of the corrupting influence of special interest money through four major reforms:

1) Requires the disclosure of dark money spent on electioneering in Denver.

2) Bans corporations from donating directly to campaigns in Denver, as they are currently banned on the state and federal level.

3) Lowers Denver's relatively high campaign contributions limits to be on the scale of Colorado's more reasonable statewide limits.

4) Creates a publicly financed campaign system by providing 9:1 matching funds for small-dollar donations ($50 and less) to candidates who not to accept special interest money in their campaigns. 

Similar reforms have been enacted in cities, counties and states including Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, Montgomery County Maryland, Connecticut, Arizona and Maine.

Publicly financing campaigns empowers small-dollar donors, and as a result, elected officials become more responsive to individual constitutents, and not to big money donors and wealthy special interests.

We enthusiastically encourage City and County of Denver voters to support this measure!!


For details about the measure, go to the Democracy for the People Initiative