Metro Denver Move to Amend "Felonious Five" Join the Resist DeVos Rally

August 5, 2017

MDMTA's "Felonious Five" Supreme Court Justices - including our newly minted Neil Gorsuch figure - joined with Common Cause, Indivisible and a host of like-minded resistors to rally on the Colorado State Capitol steps and march to the ALEC / Western Conservative Summit conference locations on July 19. ALEC and the Western Conservative Summit were in Denver to rally their supporters - and help push their Agenda. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was ALEC's keynote speaker.

On Saturday, July 15 - before the July 19 rally - Common Cause spear-headed an excellent ALEC Teach-In event. The half-day, multi-presenter teach-in was designed to educate the well over 200 in attendance at the event about how ALEC conceives of, crafts and advances all manner of conservative, Koch Brothers driven legislation efforts on the public.

GREAT ATTENDANCE at both the TEACH-IN and the RALLY - and LOTS of very good press coverage of the resistance rally and the protest march! MORE TO COME!