Metro Denver MTA Hosts Coffee at the Capitol

March 22, 2016

On March 22, members of Metro Denver MTA went to the State Capitol to ask Colorado legislators to light a fire under our federal Congressional delegation to support the “We the People Amendment”, U.S. H.J.R. 48.

Colorado voters – in 2012 - overwhelmingly passed a ballot initiative (Amendment 65) calling on our Congressional delegation to support a U.S. constitutional amendment allowing Congress to limit campaign contributions and spending. There has been little or no action by the legislature or the Colorado delegation.

So MDMTA delivered a draft resolution for our State Legislators to use to instruct the Colorado Congressional delegation to co-sponsor of the “We the People Amendment.”

We invited each of our state legislators and others to join us for morning refreshments – coffee, juice and bagels – outside the Old Supreme Court Chambers in the Capitol building. To our many visitors, we outlined the “We the People Amendment” – Corporations Are Not People / Money Is Not Speech - and described why both elements are vital.

Our coffee was well attended – by not only legislators, but also aides, interns and other Capitol inhabitants; the discussion was lively. And… many departed proudly displaying a Move to Amend lapel button. Results? Time will tell!