Move to Amend Grand Rapids

Date Established: 

January 2012


Corporations have taken control of our government and the American people are fighting back!  The first
step is to amend the United States Constitution to overturn Citizens United and end the insane ruling that
corporations are people - entitled to the same Constitutional rights as human beings.  Next is to enact
legislation which will eliminate the influence of money in our political system.

Sound impossible?

In the past three years, 600 cities and towns across the country have passed resolutions and ballot initiatives demanding the amendment.  Hundreds more are on the way.  The state legislatures of Hawaii, New Mexico, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maryland, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, West Virginia, Maine, Illinois, Delaware and Oregon have passed bills calling for one, as did voters in Colorado and Montana in November of 2012.  Amendment legislation is in process in Minnesota, Washington, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Nevada, and under consideration in Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Iowa, Alaska, Pennsylvania and New York.  Fourteen bills have been introduced in the U. S. Congress calling for it.

THE LATEST:  39 additional MoveToAmend ballot initiatives passed in November, 2014!  Not a single loss yet!




We fell short of the required number of signatures to get the measure on last November's ballot, but if enough people express interest, we're going to try again.

If you'd like to help collect signatures in an effort to place the question before voters on a future ballot in Grand Rapids, SIGN THE PETITION ON THE HOMEPAGE OF MOVETOAMEND.ORG.  This will enter you in the database.  Petition circulators need NOT be residents of the City. 


(Updated:  12/16/14)


Grand Rapids Leaders Condemn Supreme Court's Citizens United Decision

September 11, 2012

Sept. 11, 2012 - Mayor George Heartwell and four of six Grand Rapids City Commissioners (James White, Ruth Kelly, Rosalynn Bliss, and Elias Lumpkins) pose with members of MoveToAmend-Grand Rapids on the occasion of their signing a letter to Governor Snyder requesting that he “take the strongest measures” to correct the abuses of the U.S.

Press Coverage

Constitutional amendment is goal of Grand Rapids group pushing ballot question

March 19, 2012

GRAND RAPIDS – The Grand Rapids affiliate of a nationwide group looking to amend the U.S. Constitution is launching a petition drive to put a city show of support on the ballot this fall.

Move to Amend - Grand Rapids will try to organize a signature-collection campaign at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Institute for Global Education, 1118 Wealthy St. SE. Leaders hope to recruit more than 120 people to get the signatures of 20,000 registered Grand Rapids voters by July 3.