Microphones or madness

September 20, 2018

The We the People Amendment is the first step towards building real democracy, where local communities have a voice in our shared destinies...

--> Do your school board candidates support the We the People amendment? They should -- ask them to take the Pledge.

--> Do your city and County council candidates support the We the People Amendment? They should -- ask them to take the Pledge.

--> What about your state and federal candidates? They should! Ask them to take the Pledge

Now is the time to join Pledge to Amend and make candidates show they are on the side of We the People!

Imagine going to a school play and it morphs into an Occupy-esque event as the cast is mic-checked throughout the production.

Not so crazy when you learn that your government -- the Federal Communications Commission -- to be exact, just auctioned off to the highest bidder low bandwiths on which high school drama and local theaters mics depend. They made $8 billion to pay down the national debt. The same out of control debt brought to us by war and Wall St bailouts -- a debt that none of us directly voted for.

You can help our education system by joining Pledge to Amend and have candidates tell corporations that it is enough!

Move to Amend, the campaign to end corporate rule, needs YOU. As a grassroots advocacy organization, we rely on people with passion for democracy to help us make democracy real: to belong to the people and NOT corporations. By working with us on the Pledge to Amend campaign, you make your voice count! You tell candidates what matters!

Stealing from schools and the taxpayers for the benefit of rich corporations is not what we elect candidates to do.

Together, we can win. But first, we need to fight. 

Are you ready to join Move to Amend?

In solidarity,

Saleem Chapman
Legislative Coordinator, Move to Amend Coalition

P.S. Join the Pledge to Amend campaign and help our education system get the money they need for our future.