Minnesota Legislative Session Results

May 21, 2018

Minnesota Legislative Session Results

Keeping our bills in the Minnesota House and Senate active with a growing number of cosponsors was our goal.  Thank you to all who contacted your senator and/or representative and asked that they become a cosponsor.  This resulted in a growing list throughout the session.  Though some may not have signed on they were made aware that this is a concern of their constituents.

The Minnesota House cosponsors for HF 2139 at the end of the session are:
1. Dehn, R. 
2. Thissen 
3. Lee 
4. Mariani 
5. Liebling 
6. Pinto 
7. Ecklund 
8. Davnie 
9. Olson 
10. Halverson 
11. Sauke 
12. Schultz 
13. Nelson 
14. Hornstein 
15. Ward 
16. Hansen 
17. Murphy, E. 
18. Sundin
19. Carlson, A.

And in the Minnesota Senate for SF 1082 and clone bill SF 3342:
1. Marty 
2. Clausen 
3. Carlson 
4. Cwodzinski 
5. Wiklund
6. Hawj 
7. Klein 
8. Pappas 
9. Laine

If you haven’t done so already, please send them a thank you.

We are now preparing for the Pledge to Amend campaign for the Minnesota House races.  If you are interested in helping please contact Jeff Clark and Becky Lucas at minnesota [at] movetoamend.org.