Saint Paul Area Move to Amend

Date Established: 

November 2011

The Saint Paul Area affiliate covers 33 MN House Districts (17 MN Senate Districts) in the Saint Paul metro area. 

If you would like the show Legalize Democracy, Shadows of Democracy or other video or have a speaker come to your organization, please let us know. 

Contact: Barbara Gerten at saintpaul [at] or 651-470-7781.


Become An Endorsing Organization

November 28, 2016

Minnesota Move To Amend Endorsing Organizations
As of November 28, 2016

Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers and 7 of their 74 members:
1. Anti-War Committee - 3,371 in database

2. Friends for a NonViolent World (FNVW) - 3,000 on mailing list

3. - 50 members, 350 on mailing list

Press Coverage

David Cobb on how corporations are stealing our self-governing rights

July 30, 2014

Move to Amend is a grassroots movement seeking to build support for a constitutional amendment that would overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling and establish that corporations are not people and do not have the right to spend unlimited sums of money on political advertising.

One of the organization’s leaders, David Cobb, spoke to 100 or so intensely focused activists Tuesday night at the First Unitarian Society in Minneapolis.