Money Free Elections!

January 19, 2016

Call for Candidates for Move to Amend Ohio Coordinating Committee Elections

Move to Amend supporters in Ohio agreed at our February 2014 annual gathering to formalize its leadership by holding elections for a Coordinating Committee. The goal is to be internally more democratic, inclusive and accountable as we educate and organize for an external political system that is more democratic, inclusive and accountable.

Our first elections were held in the fall of 2014 with the term running through the spring of 2016. These are Money Free Elections!

Structure of the Committee

The 9 person Coordinating Committee consists of 7 individuals representing either active Move to Amend affiliates/partner groups in Ohio or are simply interested and active at large members. The remaining 2 members represent non Move to Amend groups in Ohio (either local or statewide) who support Move to Amend's Mission and Values [hyperlink]. All members of the Coordinating Committee serve “at large.”

Three Committee members will be opening up their seats for competitive elections in 2016, and those seats will have to be filled. Committee terms will be for 3 years and will be staggered — meaning that going forward, 3 slots will open up each year. Current members who put their seats into play may choose to run for re-election, or not.

Responsibilities of Coordinating Committee Members

• To participate in monthly conference calls and at least one other committee (Media, State Action, Outreach, Education).
• To carry out the internal and external decisions made at the annual Move to Amend Ohio gathering and any others that the Coordinating Committee determines.
• To help prepare an annual report on their actions for presentation of the annual MTA Ohio Network statewide gathering each spring.
• To keep informed of national Move to Amend projects, campaigns and programs.
• To ensure that the Move to Amend Ohio web page and Facebook page are maintained.
• To communicate with Move to Amend Ohio supporters via email and Nationbuilder program.
• To plan the statewide meeting and coordinate the annual election process.

Election Process

To be nominated for a Move to Amend Ohio Coordinating Committee seat, please submit your name, city, why you want to be elected to the Coordinating Committee (maximum of 200 words) and picture (optional) by March 1, 2016, to ohio [at] Statements can include leadership qualities, work styles, conflict resolution skills and views/approaches to movement building.

Ideally, candidates will be able to attend the annual statewide meeting on April 2 and introduce themselves to a broad cross-section of Move to Amend supporters from around Ohio. However, this is not a requirement.

Online voting will begin at the annual statewide meeting on April 2 and will continue for two weeks thereafter, in order to encourage the participation of as many Ohio MTA supporters as possible. The election will run from March 10 - April 10 and voting will be open to all Move to Amend Ohio online supporters. Coordinating Committee terms will begin on May 1.

Thank you for your consideration!