Monthly meeting on MTA Campaigns in Delray Beach FL

June 3, 2013

Our MoveOn Council core group which meets every Monday evening in Delray Beach  has committed the first Monday of every month to MTA campaigns and activities.

We meet at Gizzi's Coffee Shop 2275 S Federal Highway Delray Beach FL 33483 6pm

We have a film series called "Films for Thought" on the 3rd Sunday of every month 12 noon also at Gizzi's where we show and discuss thought provoking films most of which point out the dangers of corporate rule.

This Sunday 5/19/13 we are showing "Broken On All Sides" about mass incarceration and the new Jim Crow fueled by the prison industrial complex.

One of our members started a petition against the Trans-Pacific Partnership that threatens to derail any headway we are making nationally to wrest "rights" away from corporations.

We hope you can join us in all our efforts to strengthen the power of "we the people".