Move to Amend Anchorage Will March in 4th of July Parade -- Join Us!

July 1, 2014

Move to Amend Anchorage, for its 3rd year, has a place in Anchorage's 4th of July Parade downtown, as well as a booth at the Park Strip celebration following the parade.  We will use the same costumes and banner as years before (Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty, and 5 Supreme Court Justices).  Everyone is encouraged to join our group to show support for a constitutional amendment saying only human beings are "people" and money does not equal "free speech"!  The latest insult to our intelligence has come in the form of SCOTUS giving Hobby Lobby (a corporation) the right to claim a religion!

We have been assigned our booth and our location in the parade. 

1) Marchers please show up at booth, which will be located in the middle of the park strip, #C26  around 9:30am to pick up costumes and signs.
2) Marchers will convene on the west side of the intersection of W 8th Ave. and I St. (we show on the parade map as #31) starting at 10am.
3) Those who do not make it by the booth for a costume may still join in up until marching time, which will be 11AM 
4) The parade will end at noon, at which time we ask anyone with a costume to return the items to the Move to Amend booth.

If any questions please call Beverly at 244-4987!  Thank you.

Youth are encouraged to take part -- bring friends, wear a costume, carry a flag, dress in patriotic colors, or come as you are -- show support for a constitutional amendment to make clear that all constitutional references to "people" means natural persons, not artificial entities, and money does not equal speech!  The future of democracy could take a huge course correction with this simple change.