Move to Amend Internship Program: Join the Movement!

April 28, 2016

Deadline for Fall 2016 Internship is May 20th!

If you are (or know) a bright, energetic person seeking a vibrant democracy, experience working for a grassroots organization in a collaborativefeministanti-oppressive environment, and you are fed-up with corporate rule, corporate personhood and money as protected political speech, consider becoming a Move to Amend intern.

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Move to Amend interns are more than glorified file clerks and gophers; they are an integral part of our organization and our success! Interns participate as full members in our Communications, Organizing, Law & Research, Legislative & Lobbying, and Development Teams. 

Interns can work with us on-site at our hopping headquarters in Central California or telecommute from home, and are provided with compensation so they don't have out of pocket expenses in order to participate.

Click here for details and to apply!

Here are just a few comments from former interns:

“I learned so much, I applied to do another term!” –Ambrosia D.

“It was a great experience. I felt like I was involved in something earth-shatteringly important—I still am.” -Keyan B.

“I had a lot of time in my retirement. This internship allowed me to put a lifetime of accumulated skills to work for a cause I really believe in.” -Carol T.

“It’s great to be part of a team. Actually, it’s bigger than that. Through my internship, I became part of a growing community that really cares about people and is doing something about it.”  -Johannes E.

Our interns reflect rich diversity in race, gender, age, and geography. We encourage anyone with an interest to apply — by May 20.

Interning not for you right now? This is a critical program that teaches movement building skills to new organizers. 

Interns have continued on with Move to Amend as both national and local volunteers -- helping to teach others to use the valuable tools that we teach them. Help us keep it growing and keep it going; please make a donation to support the program.

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