Move to Amend Kitsap joins WAmend in I-735 drive.

Yes! On I-735 !
May 2, 2015

Over half a dozen members of MTA Kitsap attended the April 25th I-735 Kickoff event at the Labor Temple in Seattle. Emceed by well know Seattle sports announcer Tony Ventrella, and attended by several hundred, the program featured video appearances by Ben & Jerry, David Cobb, Tom Hartman, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap and others. Gabe Meyer, Josh Castle, & Tiffani McCoy, of WAmend spoke with those in attendance and answered questions. The group "hit the streets" and gathered several hundred signatures in a few hours. Move to Amend Kitsap members have been doing likewise since the kick off. Our first delivery of petition sheets contain over 300 hundred signatures, and more are on the way! Our core membership is now over 2 dozen active members. We need you to join us! To do so, or for more information, email us at kitsap [at]