Move to Amend Northern Michigan Minutes of December 9, 2014

Executive Committee of Move to Amend Northern Michigan
December 9, 2014

Minutes from Move to Amend Northern Michigan meeting December 9, 2014

We welcomed Megan Jordan to our meeting.  She works at the bookstore and joined us during supper.

BJ  sent e-mails to every member of the Michigan House of Representatives objecting to their proposal to change the way electoral votes are allocated in the presidential election. In a nutshell, the votes of whites would count more than the votes of minorities.  Representatives Franz and McMaster also want to eliminate primary elections and have candidates chosen by party conventions.

We have 34 books available in our lending library and encourage more.  Each book can be shared for one month.  The book owner is encouraged to have their name, address and phone number in the book so  they get returned to the proper owner.  Return books can be mailed or returned in person.

Up North Media is willing to show some of our videos on their website.  This will be a great opportunity for outreach.  Mike is coordinating that project.


Maja asked the Traverse Area District Library if we could have a display about Citizens United as part of their January focus exhibit.  BJ will ask to do the same at the Northwestern Michigan College library.

Once a person has signed the MTA petition, they want something more they can do.  We are coming up with a list of action items that can be accomplished in 10 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day.  Send us your ideas. We will post them on Facebook at Move to Amend Northern Michigan.

Another idea is to collaborate with like-minded groups to start a phone bank.  Each month every person in the phone bank will call their legislators about a specific issue.  The following month the call's focus will be the objective of another group.  If a legislator receives 30 calls about a topic it is likely to get more attention that 1 or 2 calls.  We will supply the phone numbers to make it more user friendly.  We did this during the health care debate and had about 30 participants.

We are invited to demonstrate with Occupy TC on Saturdays at 11 am in front of Horizon Book Store.  Each Saturday will have a focus.  On January 17 we plan to focus on Citizens United--5th anniversary.

We reviewed information from the Move to Amend coalition call.

Our next meeting will be the second Tuesday January 13 at 6 pm at Horizon.




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