Move to Amend Reports Features What the (Bleep) Happened to Hip Hop This February

February 22, 2015

Move to Amend brings you voices from the movement to amend the Constitution through our internet radio program. Every Thursday at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern. This is a call-in program. Call (646) 652-2345 and press 1 to participate.

February is African American History Month. We will be focusing our programs on Move to Amend's partnership with international grassroots organization Hip Hop Congress to present What the (Bleep) Happened to Hip Hop, a public education campaign to address the corporatization of music, dance, and other art forms and shine a critical lens on race, class, and gender in contemporary American culture. This month we feature artists, activists, and organizers supporting this national campaign to raise awareness of the dangerous power corporations currently wield over culture and how it connects with their use of corporate constitutional rights.

Guest descriptions and broadcast links will be posted the week of broadcast. Check back for more information.


February 5th

Move to Amend's Jessica Munger and Shamako Noble of Hip Hop Congress join us to talk about the purpose of What the Bleep Happened to Hip Hop and discuss Hip Hop's relationship to the struggle of oppressed people in the United States.

Jessica Munger has been with Move to Amend since April 2014 and works out of the national office in Eureka, CA as the Program Coordinator. She serves on the Grassroots Movement, Outreach and Engagement, and Political Organizing committees and is the Move to Amend national delegate on the Interfaith Caucus. Jessica studied at Humboldt State University with a major in political science with an emphasis in globalization and spent a semester at Christ College in Bangalore, India. Her undergraduate research focused on women in the Indian democratic system, and LGBTQ+ voters. She served as the Western Region Policy Coordinator for the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network and was the Assistant Director of a non-profit ballroom dance studio before coming to Move to Amend. 

Shamako Noble is a co-founder and the Executive Director of Hip Hop Congress. He is also the Director of the H2Ed program for the Hip Hop Association which uses education, media and leadership to preserve and develop Hip Hop culture. Before moving into those two positions, Shamako worked as a Community Outreach and Development Director for a youth center in Menlo Park. As an artist, Shamako has been performing since a very young age. At this time he has performed or organized over 200 events since starting his career. In 2004, he released his first solo album, “The Return of the Coming of the Aftermath.” Shamako, who was once known as the “Kevin Bacon of South Bay Hip Hop” is now moving into a similar role nationally. Within the Hip Hop realm, Shamako is involved in culture, industry, education and politics. Locally he also operates with an organization called R.E.F.U.G.E. (Real Education for Urban Growth Enterprises) which specializes in using the Urban Arts to teach life skills, leadership and culture.

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February 12th

Artist, producer, and DJ Alisha B. Francis joins us to talk about emerging Grassroots Community Hip Hop Radio Union and her work in the Giril-illa Movement, providing a platform for female creativity and empowerment within Hip Hop culture.

Alisha B hosts, DJs and reports on and from Denver’s vibrant and multifaceted Hip Hop culture as a participant, a taste-maker, and a journalist.  She appears frequently on 88.5 FM KGNU, on Denver Open Media channel 57 (xfinity) and streaming globally on internet radio; hosting DJing and producing: Girl-illa Movement, Alisha B Radio, Subterranean Stethoscope,  Co-hosting on the Eclipse Show, The Metro and Industrial Racquet. Alisha B also uses Hip Hop as a vehicle in which to interact with youth, whom she views as future stewards of Hip Hop culture and guide them to not only understand the cultural essentials but also practice cultural preservation. She has been a program facilitator for TrueStar Foundation’s Youth Magazine Program, Summer Youth Intern Coordinator for KGNU and creator/facilitator for the Girl-illa Movement and the Freestyle Fifth Element education programs. Alisha is the acting executive director of the Radio Union, a national network of urban communitunity radio dj’s producers and radio personalities united to leverage their media to propagate hip hop that is more reflective of the respective communities we live in and interacting with hip hop culture in more ways and in more dimensions  than entertainment.

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February 19th

Cultural activist Mic Crenshaw will talk with us about the Afrikan Hip Hop Caravan and the role of Hip Hop as a global form of expression and counterforce to all forms of oppression.

A chicago-born poet and emcee, Michael (Mic) Crenshaw fell in love with music at a young age while living in Minneapolis. His teenage years were challenging as he actively confronted white supremacist gangs that were a growing part of the hard-core music scene. He eventually chose to escape the violence and moved to Portland, where he quickly became one of the most respected artists in the Northwest, and his community efforts have had both local and international impact. In addition to his highly-acclaimed work in spoken work and hip hop, Mic founded GlobalFam, a non-profit project to create and maintain a computer center for disadvantaged youth in Burundi, Central Africa. Over 400 people have received free training, and it is now expanding, generating revenue and creating jobs. Mic also partnered with Education Without Borders (EWOB), which supports education, music and art initiatives in Portland and beyond and serves as an umbrella for the local Books For Prisoners chapter and GlobalFam itself. GlobalFam has blossomed into a music label, production, promotion, artist management, and education company providing mainstream entertainment that supports Social Justice Activism.

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February 26th

Hip Hop pioneer and icon Asia One joins us to talk preserving and promoting the traditional dance, art, and music of Hip Hop culture through the annual B-Boy Summit, an Hip-Hop event encompassing knowledge of the history of Hip-Hop Culture with the skills of breaking or break dancing, also known as Bboying and Bgirling.

Asia One is known worldwide as a Bgirl icon and Hip-Hop activist and pioneer. A visionary, trailblazer and trend-setter, Asia’s influence has been instrumental in setting the bar for high standards in the arts of Hip-Hop, with skills + knowledge being the supreme combination for personal and global transformation. As a seasoned educator, performer, host, and judge – she is known world-wide as an premier consultant on Hip-Hop lifestyle and travels the world regularly not only performing, but speaking and consulting with international ambassadors of Hip-Hop culture on the future evolution of Hip-Hop dance and culture. Asia has helped to introduce Bboying to corporate America to create successful partnerships with companies like Red Bull, Nike, and Tylenol. She was seen in the hit movie Step Up 2: The Streets, and also as a commentator in Planet Bboy Movie, a featured artist in “The Freshest Kids” Bboy documentary, and was a commentator and coordinator of MGM’s “The Breakin” DVD Collection”. Most recently, Asia was the subject of the short film Expect the Unexpected, an official selection of the Hip-Hop Film Festival 2013. No Easy Props is her motto (est.1997) and non profit company, created in order to mark her world famous Bboy Summit event along with her Hip-Hop Cultural Arts and fitness program for youth entitled Hip-Hop 101. Always honing new artistic skills, Asia is currently finishing her BA in fine arts, and she plans to attend a masters program fusing Hip-Hop and public policy. She continues this, and all of her efforts, in order to fulfill her dream to be “that girl” who is the visionary that builds an empowered, self-sufficient, financially prosperous, holistic Hip-Hop Community that affects positive change in the world.

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