Move to Amend Reports on Solidarity Organizing with Reverend Anne Dunlap

June 9, 2016

Move to Amend Reports connects you with activists and organizers working on the frontlines of the democracy movement, to bring you the lowdown on corporate rule, corporate personhood, and money as speech.

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REPLAY: To build a movement strong enough to amend the Constitution, we must include and embrace all people across race, age, gender, and class lines. Move to Amend centralizes anti-oppression and movement-building education to help our organizers be knowledgeable and sensitive to the realities of racism and other oppressions -- both institutionally and personally -- so that we build effective relationships with  communities on the frontlines of struggle against injustice and corporate rule.

As a pastor for the United Church of Christ, the Reverend Anne Dunlap has spent over 25 years, working in freedom movements with folks across social divides of race, gender and class, with a focus on solidarity with black, immigrant, worker and indigenous communities. Join us for a conversation about solidarity organizing within white communities for racial justice and how this education about oppression is integral in building sustaining movements to combat corporate rule.

Move to Amend Reports is hosted by Laura Bonham and Egberto Willies, members of Move to Amend's National Leadership Team. Executive producer is Keyan Bliss. Production team is Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Keyan Bliss, Laura Bonham, Egberto Willies, and Renee Babcock.