Move to Amend Reports on the US Social Forum in San Jose

June 8, 2015

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This week we welcome San Jose organizers for the US Social Forum, Dione Johnson and Michelle Cordova, to talk about solidarity organizing and what we can expect in San Jose during the US Social Forum, June 24-28.

Michelle Cordova is an organizing member of the US Social Forum from Ecuador. Born to a political family who transmitted her passion and love for literature, the arts, politics, she went on to study political science at the German School before teaching geo-economics and geo-politics for 10 years. After coming to the to the United States, she became involved with the San Jose Peace and Justice Center for nearly 7 years and has served as President since 2013. Through the Peace and Justice Center, she works in conjunction with over 2 dozen organizations as community partners. She has published nearly 200 articles with La Oferta Newspaper, People’s Tribune,  and other newspapers overseas.  She is a political analyst for Russia TV (RTTV) on issues related with Militarization and Human Rights, a member of LUNA (Latinos United for a New America) and Fiesta Educativa that supports Hispanic families with disable children. She also work in conjunction with the Human Rights Department of the San Jose State University on several projects including DACA and the Militarization PMA.

Dione Johnson-Tyson is an experienced community organizer, mobilizer and leader with more than 25 years of experience in community-service based work in multiple fields including, HIV/AIDS, Black Women’s Health, infant mortality, family and youth violence, music & cultural arts, early childhood education and young parents.  Dione is the founder and Operational Director of the Multi-Media Center(MMC), a 15-year old organization using cameras, computers and music to increase the academic and economic opportunities of impoverished people. Dione and the MMC joined the US Social Forum process in early 2013 and is the anchor organization in the USSF San Jose BayLOC and the Pacific Northwest Social Forum.  The MMC work includes promotional materials for PMA’s and technical and operational support.  Her work with Hip Hop Congress & MTA includes partnership development and administration, organizational consulting, fundraising, documentation and logistics support for What the Bleep Happened to Hip Hop PMA Series.

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