Move to Amend Speaker in Binghamton

March 23, 2012

The US Supreme Court decision that eliminated limits to how much corporations can spend on campaign contributions has led to a growing movement to end so-called corporate personhood.

Move to Amend was created largely in response to the Citizens United case that has led to large amounts of negative TV advertising by Super PACs in states that have held Republican presidential primaries. However, the goal of those working to amend the constitution extends beyond the specific case to any law or ruling that would equate money with speech and grant corporations constitutional protections.

David Cobb is spokesperson for Move to Amend. Cobb says, "I've just come off a tour in the south where I can tell you people have been disgusted by the amount of money that was unleashed in the political process by Citizens United. The Move to Amend goes deeper than just corporate money in elections, but it includes it."

Cobb is a guest speaker at a Move to Amend community rally this evening in Endicott. The event runs from 7 until 9 at the Endicott Visitors Center on Lincoln Avenue. If you can't attend, but would like more information, go to


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