Move to Amend - Ukiah hiatus

December 7, 2012

After the victory of Measure F on November 6th, and the thank you notes mailed out to all of our donors, we have decided to take a rest for a few months before launching the next step.  The next MTA-Ukiah meeting will be on Monday, February 11. 2013. 

The next steps will be to support and assist our neighboring counties to get MTA initiatives on the ballot for 2014.  Our plan is to help organize Humblodt, Lake, and Sonoma counties.  If you live in those counties, or have friends in those counties that see the threat to Democracy of corporate personhood, then you can start talking it up.  Chloe Karl on KPFZ in Lake County is doing a series on it every 3rd Friday at 5p on Earthwise. 

We at Move to Amend - Ukiah want to wish you all a very happy holiday season!  Enjoy it because we will have a lot more work to do come the new year!