The movement to amend needs all kinds of folks

August 2, 2018

To amend the Constitution we need a movement that is broad and deep -- and we need to reach all kinds of people... 

Move to Amend is as grassroots as they come, which is why we are always looking for ways to engage folks -- in real life. We aren't the kind of group that just asks you to sign online petitions or donate money and then acts like that will bring about systemic change -- no way!

One of the ways we engage and organize is through our caucuses. We currently have four sector caucuses and we'd like to invite you to check them out.

Click the links for more info about each one: 

  • Labor Caucus: Organized Labor comprises a key base of allies in the fight to win the We the People Amendment. Labor has played a pivotal role in shaping workplace conditions and protecting the rights of millions of working people worldwide. In fact, the labor movement is our strongest and longest-lived organized force against corporate rule, historically.
  • Interfaith Caucus: Organize with people of faith from all religions and denominations to help build the amendment movement. No matter what your religion, it doesn't fit that corporations should have rights! How much more powerful can this movement be when thousands and then millions of us come together in outrage about the violation corporate action causes to our most cherished beliefs, values and principles?
  • Arts & Culture Caucus: Artists and cultural workers play a crucial role in social change. Art tells truths, frames history, sets norms, reflects a current moment, and is a voice of We The People. As corporate control threatens our health, safety, sovereignty, and communities, it threatens our culture. Move to Amend has a large base of supporters who are interested in creative activism. There are dancers, musicians, painters, graphic artists, choreographers, poets, emcees, cartoonists, playwrights, singers, authors and artists of all kinds doing work to resist and make change.
  • Educators Caucus: Educators know the devastating effect of corporate rule and money in politics in a very real way. The privatization of education and undue influence of money in politics has real consequences for teachers, students, and others who work in education. Many current and retired teachers come to Move to Amend and have insight about this experience, and how to develop materials for outreach. Many affiliate groups want to build relationships with local schools, teachers, and students. We're excited to facilitate that! 

If any of these areas are relevant to you and the work you do (or are retired from), please join the next caucus conference call (click the links above for details about how and when for each one), or reply to this message if you have questions or would like more information.

In solidarity,
Jessica Munger (Program Director) & Greg Coleridge (Outreach Director)

P.S. If joining a caucus doesn't sound up your alley, there are still lots of other ways to engage with Move to Amend! Click here to fill out our volunteer interest form to get started, even if you're not yet sure how you want to plug in!