MTA Presentation to Corvallis City Club

September 28, 2012
Corvallis Gazette-Times

Rachel and Bob Ozretich, co-founders of Corvallis Area Move to Amend, will address the next meeting of the Corvallis City Club on the movement’s opposition to corporate personhood.

The meeting will begin at noon Oct. 8 in the banquet room of the Renaissance Building, 136 S.W. Washington Ave.

Move to Amend is a national movement that backs a constitutional amendment to overturn a 2010 Supreme Court ruling that lifted restrictions on certain types of political spending by corporations, nonprofits and labor unions. The ruling in the Citizens United case held that corporations are persons under the law and that some kinds of campaign spending should be considered political speech.

In Corvallis, Move to Amend supporters persuaded the City Council to put an advisory question on the Nov. 6 ballot. Measure 02-81 asks voters to decide whether the city should back a constitutional amendment declaring that artificial entities are not persons and that money should not be equated with speech.

There is no charge to attend. The cost for lunch is $8 for City Club members or $10 for nonmembers. To reserve a space, email Roger Lizut by Oct. 4 at wwrwl45 [at] with City Club Oct. 8 in the subject line.

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