MTA skit Interrupts Downpour at Annual Western NC Spring Festival

May 27, 2013

OccupyWNC had two tents at Western NC's annual Sylva Greening Up the Mountain festival in 2013. One, an educational repeat from last year with information and MTA petitions served up with mini-OccuPies. The other venue- an “auditorium”- interspersed short educational films with the production of "UNHOLY Matri-Money," a wedding ceremony between Frankencorps and Miss Plenty Penny. The couple entered into an unholy merger officiated by an In-Justice of the Peace. Frankencorps was draped with our MTA Corporate Flag; Miss Penny's veil was strewn with $ bills and the JP's robe was covered in the most egregious of corporate logos. Dave as barker strode up and down the main street; his sandwich board invited the crowd and announced the performance times. "An Unholy Matri-money" will definitely be repeated in events to come!



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