December 6, 2018

November 1 - Four members of MtA traveled 250 miles south to Washington County (St. George area), Utah, and met with 24 residents for KUED-sponsored library screening of Dark Money. MtA Utah has begun process to develop Southern Utah MtA affiliate.

November 15 - Regular monthly MtA Utah meeting

November 26 - Final vote tally elects Ben McAdams (D) as Utah CD4 Representative. MtA Utah believes McAdams, with whom it has met on several occasions already, will co-sponsor HJR 48 (or whatever number it is assigned) when introduced.

MtA Utah initiates conversation with Utah State Senator Escamilla concerning drafting possibly bipartisan interim-session legislation implementing Part IV disclaimer-and-disclosure provisions of Citizens United opinion in which eight of nine Justices concurred.