MTA WESTERN NC Affiliate Coalition Joins Organizers of NAACP Rally

August 28, 2013

The Forward Together-Not One Step Back movement has been an extension of NC NAACP's successful Moral Mondays at the Raleigh state capitol building. “Taking the Dream Home to Sylva” rallied citizens simultaneously from across NC’s 11th District with ones in the state's 12 other congressional districts. Over three hundred came to hear and cheer messages and to be entertained. [NBC and WLOS-Asheville reported 500!]  At our request, Cecil Bothwell, a 2010 Candidate for US Congress and a fierce, well-spoken advocate for MTA, spoke for Move to Amend. The last words of his speech were: “Corporations are NOT People!”           

A specific dream of NC NAACP and this rally's organizers is to form a local Sylva Chapter. Our MTA affiliate will seek this as an excellent opportunity to forge relationships—in keeping with MTA’s having brought Racism and all other Systemic Oppression front and center into its mission.

National coverage on Rachel Maddow's show:

Finally, a video from WNC University Press:




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